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Physics is Fun! We invite you to the 2018 University of Minnesota's Physics Force Winter Shows. These free-of-cost performances take place at Northrop Auditorium on January 8-13, 2017. The show dates and times (Each show is 60-75 minutes long; Note that some of the afternoon shows at 12:30 pm and others at 1 pm) Monday 1/8  10:00 am & 12:30pm Tues 1/9  10:00 am &  1:00pm Wed 1/10 10:00am & 12:30 pm Th  1/11 10:00 am & 1:00pm Fri 1/12  10 am & 12:30pm   Sat 1/13 11 am & 4 pm The shows are free but reservations are required. Reserve as many tickets as you need, but please reserve only if you intend to come. Seats are in high demand. The shows are free but reservations are required. Please reserve on this site.  Please cancel your tickets, or notify us of a cancellation by November 15, 2017. The system has a 100 ticket per order maximum. If you need more than 100 tickets please create multiple orders. The same teacher's name can be used for all reservations. Include adults, teachers, and chaperones in your order number. The morning and afternoon shows are allocated to elementary and middle school classes. The Saturday shows are open to the general public. Some funding is available to help public schools with bus support. To apply for funding please follow the link http://www.physics.umn.edu/resources/forms/pfbusing.html. You must apply by November 1, 2017. We plan to send notifications around November 15th, 2017. If you will need support for hearing impaired students please use the link http://www.physics.umn.edu/resources/forms/SLI.html Rochester shows in May We are also performing in the Rochester's Civic Center in May. The dates are May 17-18, 2018. Click here for full details and registration. To learn more about the physics force and the show please go to http://www.physics.umn.edu/outreach/pforce/ For questions, contact Angie Stehr at 612-301-8303, stehr002@umn.edu